Ada Quilted Creations

Hi everyone, I am Adamandia Karamanou, I have three beautiful children and I love making quilted ornaments and crochet lace doilies.

Crafting is like soul medicine to me as it makes me feel great after finishing each ornament. I love the process, the preparation but most of all I like to see the reaction of my friends, family and customers when they have one of my crafts in their hands. I love seeing my work being appreciated since every item is special and precious to me.

I started crafting very early as a hobby but only decided to establish an etsy shop in February 2017. I hope you’ll like and enjoy my work!!!🌹🙂.

I ship my crafts worldwide from Athens, Greece through my etsy shop and will supply you with a tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Caring For Your Quilted Ornaments

Quilted ornaments are made by layering pieces of fabric over a styrofoam ball using many pins. Therefore, they cannot be used as toys for children or pets.

They are not fragile like many other collectible ornaments, but they do need some special care to keep them looking bright and fresh for many years.

The best way to clean your ornaments is to use a very soft bristle brush (an artist brush or makeup brush works very well) to gently remove dust from all the creases and the folds and layers of the bow. Most of them are made from fabric or ribbon, so it is important to keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight as many fabrics can fade.

Folded fabric ornaments are fairly easy to store. Plastic containers or special plastic ornament storage containers would work best as you want to protect them from moisture and any possible insect damage. Because of the bow on the top (if it has one) you’ll need to accomodate the bow without it getting smashed. Keeping them upright in containers or boxes with styrofoam peanuts around the bow works well.

Caring for your crochet lace doilies

Gently hand wash using mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. Roll them in a towel to remove excess water. Spread them out on a dry towel, reshape and leave to dry. Then, simply iron with care with a wet cloth trying to bring the doily in the shape. Doilies can be lightly starched; it’s a matter of preference. Use the iron with a wet cloth to remove any shipping wrinkles and your doily will be ready for displaying.

Caring for your open cutwork embroidery items (richelieu embroidery)

Wash using mild liquid soap. Iron from the back on a fluffy towel with care, using a wet cloth in order for the embroidery to “come to life”. Use the iron with a wet cloth to remove any shipping wrinkles and your embroidery will be ready for displaying.